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Magic Bling is a registered name by Magic Glow LLC, with more than 17 years of combined experience in the care and maintenance of jewelry, precious stones, glasses, boats and auto. We are dedicated to the research and development of new and more efficient ways to keep your valuable investments at its best.

We are proud to say that our company and its creators are believers and supporters of the green initiative, manufacturing products that are bio-degradable. Magic Bling will continue to find better ways to preserve the environment, so future generations do not have to pay for the misusage of harsh chemicals that are toxic and harmful for our community.

Magic Bling has dozens of retail locations across the nation to guarantee our potential customers an opportunity to acquire an excellent product at an affordable price while experiencing the best customer service. Everyday more and more smart shoppers become loyal to Magic Glow LLC line of products, recommending Magic Bling to friends and family.
We, the manufacturers and retailers of Magic Bling have as our main goal our customer’s satisfaction that’s why we stand behind our product 100%.


About Us

  1.     Magic Bling cleans jewelry better and faster than any other jewelry cleaning method.

  2.     We are dedicated to find new and innovated methods to help you protect your valuable jewelry.

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